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Wednesday 2nd May 2018:
Committee Meeting

Find out what goes on behind the scenes – Youth Councillors will give an update on the work of DYC this past month and make a plan for the next few months.  Anyone aged 12-25 is welcome to come along.  You can access the committee rooms via the City Archives door (to the right of the front Caird Hall).

Time:  6.00pm – 8.00pm
Where:  Committee Room 3, City Chambers

Wednesday 30th May 2018:
Mock the Month!

Come along and enjoy a fun night of games and discussion of the news over the last month! Mock The Month Is DYC’s monthly event where anyone can come along and join in the discussion. Two teams face each other through different rounds of questions about the news of the last 4 weeks to see who comes out on top!

Time:  6.00pm – 8.00pm
Where:  The Shore, 15 Shore Terrace (behind Caird Hall)

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