Our History

Back in the day… #throwback

In 2011, a group of young people known as Dundee Youth Voice came together to create what is now the Dundee Youth Council. The organisation, led by young people for young people, aims to ensure young people in Dundee have a voice and are listened to by Dundee’s decision makers.

In 2012, we consulted with more than 4,400 young people across Dundee to create our first manifesto – a document outlining what young people thought on issues such as education, transport, sports and leisure, and more. We shared this information with Dundee City Council and other local representatives. The main findings of our consultation are detailed in a Committee Report by Dundee City Council, which can be found here (Report no. 49-2013).

In 2014, we hosted a hustings debate on the Scottish Independence referendum which was attended by more than 140 pupils from Dundee schools. We had young people and national politicians representing each side of the debate, helping pupils to make an informed decision on how they would cast their vote. This was an exciting time to be involved as it was the first time 16 and 17 year olds would be allowed to vote – at last!

In 2015 and 2016, we restructured Dundee Youth Council to make it easier for young people across Dundee to become more involved. We re-branded our organisation and changed our logo to give it a modern and fresh new look. Later in 2016, we held our first Tea & Talk event which provided a safe and informal space to discuss the important topic of mental health.

In 2017, our aim was to encourage young people across the city to start thinking about the issues that affect them.  To complement our new Tea & Talks, we developed a new type of event named Mock the Month which provides a fun and enjoyable setting to discuss important issues.  Throughout the year, we focused on increasing our outreach by visiting schools, youth groups and projects across the city to find out more about some of the amazing work that goes on in Dundee.

In 2018:

We aim to continue this engagement, take part in various campaigns and play a fully involved role in Year of Young People 2018 celebrations in Dundee!